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From Indie Rock to Saturday Night TV personality

Formed in 1997 under another name, Leeds rockers Kaiser Chiefs actually released an album in 2003 called 22 before they changed their name and therefore got a second stab at a debut album in 2005.

Dubbed Employment, it climbed high in the charts in both Ireland and the U.K. thanks to singles Everyday I Love You Less And Less and the band’s signature song I Predict A Riot.

The follow-up, Yours Truly, Angry Mob came in 2007 and had the single Ruby on it. This tune actually did better in the charts than I Predict Riot. Perhaps the previous single(s) had laid the groundwork, Ruby went all the way to #1.

Following the 2007 release, Kaiser Chiefs released a further five studio albums, but no tunes from these efforts have had any significant impact.

Charles Richard Wilson, the band’s singer, started to pursue a career as a TV personality when he, in 2013, joined the TV show The Voice as a vocal coach. He stayed with the show for three seasons, “winning” two of them.

Ten years later he appeared on another TV show, The Masked Singer. Here he finished third.

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I Predict A Riot

I Predict A Riot chords

You can learn how to play I Predict A Riot by Kaiser Chiefs using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, and the original recording.

| Cm | Cm | Eb | F |
Watching the people get lairy, it’s not very pretty I tell thee…

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