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The King of Sob-Rock!!

John Mayer started out his recording career with Room For Squares in 2001. The acoustic hit single Your Body Is A Wonderland launched him into the world.

This was followed up with Daughters in 2003 on the album Heavier Things.

Now firmly established as a heartthrob, John went electric in 2006 with the revered album Continuum, a trio album with Steve Jordan (drums), and legendary Pino Palladino on bass.

Along with this, the live album Try! was released the same year. Here we find the tunes Belief, Gravity, and Vultures.

In just five years, John Mayer had successfully established himself as a heavyweight singer-songwriter, as well as an acoustic and electric guitarist.

He’s been recording and touring the world ever since, releasing more hits and being named the King of Sob-Rock.

Even though his guitar laying initially was extremely influenced by Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, after years of touring and record making, John has now become a heavyweight, effectively flying the flag for great guitar playing in the modern era.

In 2023, John is returning to his acoustic roots, touring on his own with just an acoustic guitar.

After listening to a few interviews with him where he played a few tunes never recorded, the audience may be in for a proper treat. As far as I could tell, his best tunes haven’t seen the light of day, yet.

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Dm Dmadd4add9 | Gm7 Gmadd4add6 |
Is there anyone who, ever remembers,
|  C9 C6 | Dm Dmadd4b6 |
changing their mind from, the paint on a sign.

Belief chords.


F#7sus2/4 | F#7sus2/4 |
Some of us, we’re hardly ever here.
F#7sus2/4 | F#7sus2/4 |
The rest of us, we’re born to disappear.

Vultures chords.

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