Into The Mystic chords by Van Morrison

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Into The Mystic | Chords + Lyrics (capo 3)


||: C (Csus2) :|| x6

Verse 1

| C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
We were born before the wind. Also younger than the sun.
| G | G | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
‘Ere the bonnie boat was won, as we sailed into the mystic.

Verse 2

| C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
Hark now, hear the sailors cry. Smell the sea and feel the sky.
| G | G | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.

Bridge 1

| Em | F | C (Csus2) | C |
Yeah, when that fog horn blows, I will be coming home. Mm-hm.
| Em | F | G | G |
Yeah, when the fog horn blows, I wanna hear it, I don’t have to fear it.

Chorus 1

| C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
And I wanna rock your gypsy soul. Just like way back in the days of old.
| G | G | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
Then magnificently we will float, into the mystic.


| C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
| G | G | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |

Bridge 2

| Em | F | C (Csus2) | C |
When that fog horn blows, you know I will be coming home, ah.
| Em | F | G | G |
And when that fog horn whistle blows, I gotta hear it, I don’t have to fear it.

Chorus 2

| C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
And I wanna rock your gypsy soul. Just like way back in the days of old.
| G | G | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
And together we will float, into the mystic. Come on, girl.


| C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
| G | G | C (Csus2) | C (Csus2) |
Too late to stop now.
| G | G | C |

Into The Mystic chords and progressions (lesson preview)

Into The Mystic Analysis + TAB

Members study how Into The Mystic has some lovely sus2 chords that resolve to major.

To get the chord shape right, you must place a capo on fret 3 and think in the key of C.

Apart from this C chord, we only go to a G in the verse and chorus which has the same chords.

The bridge is more adventurous as it climbs from III – IV – I, then when repeated ends on V, like this:

| Em | F | C (Csus2) | C |
| Em | F | G | G |

Exactly how to play Into The Mystic is best described using TAB. There are also a couple of lovely licks that become really easy once the capo is in place and you’ve got the TAB.

Here’s a link to the complete lesson (members only): Into The Mystic, guitar lesson with TAB.

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Into The Mystic is featured on his best album!

Originally named Into The Misty perhaps explains the lyric “When that foghorn blows” and all other sea references.

Van Morrison‘s Into The Mystic is off the legendary 1970 album Moondance, perhaps his best album.

Other classic tunes on this release include Crazy Love, And It Stoned Me, Caravan, and of course, the title track, Moondance.

As an integral part of the blue-eyed soul movement, Van the Man is an important figure in the musical exchange between the U.S. and the U.K. which shaped popular culture.

Rolling Stone Magazine placed it at 474 on their Best 500 Songs of All Time list.

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