How To Play Guitar part 4

How To Play Guitar part 4

How To Play Guitar video series part 4!

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How To Play Guitar – Part 4

Part 4

In this final part of the How To Play Guitar video series, I take a super simple I – VI – II – V progression and apply the modes accordingly.

The I chord would have Ionian, the VI chord Aeolian, the II chord Dorian and the V chord the Mixolydian mode.

Before you start straying off into jazz it is extremely important that you learn how to play “inside the box” like this. After all, how can you go outside a box you don’t know properly?

Playing over changes

All the work you have done so far with the chord shape, the pentatonic and the modes will finally pay off as you start playing over changes.

In the video, I stay within the key as I play I – VI – II – V, but this could be applied to anything. Key changes, chord II as a IIx, whatever. As long as you can switch scale as the chord changes you can play over changes.

The key is to stop playing using a blanket scale and start thinking that you are changing scales with the chords.

Around 1:30 in the video I speak about how to see a chord shape, the pentatonic, the mode and the chords number.

If you practice as the master guitar course suggest, this will not be difficult.

Around the 2-minute mark, I speak about how a note is only in relation to a chord. The same note means different things as the chord passes.

The example I use is the note E, over a C chord this is a third, over an Am, it’s a 5th, over a Dm it’s a 2nd or 9th, over a G it’s a 6th.

So when you hit that E, you will create a sound in relation to the chord played. This is the secret of the modes. When you get good at this you don’t even think E anymore, you only think about the interval.

At 3:20 we have completed this harmonic journey. Being able to “play over changes” is all well and good, the question is, how do you phrase it?

Use rhythm for this, respond to what the singer does, or another band member.

All these chords, scales, arpeggios and modes are your vocabulary, once you learned the words it’s time to speak!

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