How To Play Guitar part 1

How To Play Guitar part 1

How to play guitar video series, part 1!

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How To Play Guitar – Part 1

Part 1

In this video series, I explain how to play the guitar using chords that eventually become barre chord shapes, pentatonic and modal scales. This all starts with just ten simple open position chords.

This means that your ability to understand the guitar relies completely on you learning the first ten open position chords.

Can you play all open position chords?

You might already know a few of these chords, but do you know how to play an open position Gm chord? Do you know how to play an open position Cm?

Off course, you won’t find these chords in your average Bob Dylan song, but in order to complete the fretboard, you have to know them.

In the video, I speak about how you can finger the open position chords in different ways.

This is very important information, many beginner guitar players give up just because of the simple misunderstanding that you have to fret a chord in a specific way. You don’t, you fret it whichever way is the most comfortable for you. There is no one way, there are many ways.

There is, however, a “best, one way” to understand the fret board, that way begins with seeing these chord shapes.

If necessary, don’t play all notes in a G chord, mute the 5th string, maybe even use one finger for the top two strings of that open position G chord.

If that is what is most comfortable for you, then go for it.

The size of your hand

So why are there more than one way of fretting a chord?

It all has to do with the size of your hand. A 14-year-old girl does not have the same kind of hands that a 50-year-old bricklayer does. Neither has a greater advantage, it’s all about accepting what your hands can do easily and then follow that.

In time, with chromatic exercises and learning more and more acoustic songs, you might change the way you play a G chord, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you try all of the ten open position chords out and find a way to fret them that works for you.

Your way will be the best way.

You’ll learn more about open position chords and how to play the guitar when you take my beginner course.

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