Guthrie choose Spytunes way

Guthrie choose Spytunes way

Guthrie talks about scales!

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Guthrie Govan – Scales

A message from Guthrie

Guthrie Govan is an old tutor and later, colleague of mine, at Bimm we worked alongside each other in 2005/06.

During 2006 when I wrote the guitar manual for Bimm, I designed the course around the pentatonic modes, for exactly the same reasons Guthrie speak about in this video.

Having been taught by Guthrie for three years I know how this man can play anything, literally, anything. If the guitar was a competition, Guthrie would win it!

In my opinion, Guthrie is the most accomplished guitarist and in person tutor around so it’s really nice to hear him saying how he choose the pentatonic modes when teaching scales these days.

Take it all the way!

Guthrie’s example use the Em pentatonic shape and the Em Dorian shape.

If you take the pentatonic modes all the way you need to learn this in minor:

Minor Pent
m3 4 5 b7
Aeolian 2 b6
Dorian 2 6
Phrygian b2 b6

In major you need to learn this:

Major Pent 1 2
Ionian 4 7
Lydian #4
Mixolydian 4

You need to learn this in all five shapes.

Should you want to start with Dorian, as Guthrie plays in the video, go to the Dorian mode for all exercises.

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