Guitar Wood

Guitar Wood

What do different types of guitar wood sound like?

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Acoustic Addicts – Guitar Wood

A nice problem to have

For those of you shopping for a high-quality acoustic guitar, you will find yourself having to face the wonderful dilemma of which wood to go for.

You’ve got, for example, Mahogany, Rosewood or Koa for the back and sides. As well as this, the top could be Engelmann, Sitka, Adirondack or Koa.

Each of these woods will give the guitar a different tonal quality which, when described in just words, can get a bit confusing, to say the least!

As well as choosing the type of wood, other factors play into the sound as well.

  • Does the guitar have a cutaway?
  • How is the neck joined to the body?
  • Does the guitar neck join the body at fret 12 or 14?
  • How old was the wood when the guitar was built?

All these things matter and determine the sound of your next guitar.

Because of all these factors, it might be a good idea to dig a bit deeper into each topic, to learn what, for example, different guitar wood do to the sound.

Acoustic Addicts Guitar Wood

Carl Franklin and Richard Caruso of Acoustic Addicts have made a video aiming to explain what different guitar wood do to the sound.

These guys are experts with years of experience on the subject from two different angles, as a player and as a high-quality guitar shop owner.

In the video above you find them playing, discussing and analyzing four different guitars. Two Taylor Guitars, one Santa Cruz and one McPherson. They do this by looking at the frequency spectrum and comparing this to, wait for it… wine!

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