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Mr. Everything on 10!

Gary Moore was a guitar player from Northern Ireland, most famous for his album Still Got The Blues and his connection with Thin Lizzy.

Having appeared on over 40 albums, Gary Moore has to be considered one of the most influential British guitar players of all time.

A true Les Paul and Marshall fan, Gary Moore’s sound is best described as “everything on 10”. His famed Gibson Les Paul actually first belonged to Peter Green, who played it at a much lower volume!

Parisienne Walkways & Still Got The Blues

Originally an instrumental, Gary teamed up with Phil Lynnott (Thin Lizzy) who wrote the lyrics for Parisienne Walkways, played bass, and sang on the recording.

This song reached #8 in the UK Singles chart in 1979. Gary must’ve really liked the song as he reinvented it 10 years later on his most successful album.

With undeniable links to his previous hit, Parisienne Walkways, Still Got The Blues is the title track off Gary Moore’s most successful studio album.

Another tune on the album, Oh, Pretty Woman featured Albert King. As you turned it over, Albert Collins made a guest appearance on Too Tired. On That Kind Of Woman, George Harrison completed the picture, everyone wanted to be part of Gary’s album!

Clearly, Gary Moore had by now established himself, rubbing shoulders with the most famous guitar players in the world. Easily his most successful album, Still Got The Blues, the song, would become his signature tune.

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Parisienne Walkways

Am | Dm7 |
I remember Paris in ’49.
Dm7/G | Cmaj7 |
The Champs-Élysées, Saint Michelle, and old Beaujolais wine.

Parisienne Walkways chords.

Still Got The Blues

Dm7 | Dm7/G | Cmaj7 | Fmaj7 |
Used to be so easy, to give my heart away.
Bm7b5 | E7 | Am Am/B | C (A C E) |
But I found out the hard way, there’s a price you have to pay.

Still Got The Blues chords.

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