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    Hi all,

    I face problems with remembering the intervals of pentatotonics and scales.
    I have not played for a while and so I seem to have forgotten a lot… I thought I knew it but I think I was wrong…
    I somehow manage to fret them on the guitar (due to S_E-PR I guess:o) ) but when someone would ask me which shape/scale has which intervals I am lost in most times.

    I think that triads, pentatonics and the scales are the building blocks/DNA of mostly everything.
    So now I try to find another way to memorize.

    So my question to you is: “How do you remember all the intervals?”

    I am trying a new way for me – with more viszualtions.

  • use of basic color coding – yellow is major, blue is minor, red are the intervals of the triad
  • triads – happy yellow guy with R-3-5, sad blue guy with R-m3-5 (
  • pentatonics – happy guy holding 2 and 6, sad one 4 and b7
  • scales – yellow 47-dogs for major, blue 26-sloths for minor. depending with scales they are they are standing, sitting, hanging and so on
  • Would look like this:
    link to first draft

    Next would be to find places for the roman numbers and the combinations of guys and animals (I – happy guy with running dog, V – happy guy with sitting dog, IV – sad guy with sloth…
    Something like that…

    So what are your visuals – or don’t you use any?

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