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    Hi everyone.

    As you may know, Christian Grafelman, a spytunes student since many years has helped me with chordacus new look and functionality.

    Our latest endeavor has been to fuse chordacus with the sws.

    It’s gonna take me some time to move the code over to’s sws pages so I thought until then, now is the perfect time to get some feedback on it.

    Here is the new beginner app:

    It only displays the keys of C and G, super simple. Play around with it for a bit, then move on to intermediate where things get really good.

    Here you can find all barre chords and pentatonic’s for each chord in any key. I don’t know how Christian managed this, it’s what I always wanted!

    And finally, the full version with all modes and arpeggios

    I’m really pleased with it as it is, but perhaps we have overlooked something, your feedback is most appreciated. Please post here for an open discussion.

    Worth mentioning is how Christian has learned to code, just to do chordacus and this for us all, brilliant!

    I’ve tanked you in many emails but let me do it officially – Thank You!


    Thanks a lot! helped me by making me believe “You can learn guitar!”.
    Same with coding… so I try to give something back.

    Happy to discuss your ideas…

    David Brown

    Awesome work!
    Thanks guys!


    HI all,
    with late, I saw this great work ! Very useful 🙂
    I would be happier to see also the Phrygian dominant with the 3 instead of m3, just because I was looking for it for my son to make him hear middle-east sound like.


    You bring up a good point.

    We had more stuff in there to start off with but I felt it was starting to look a bit too complicated.

    The advanced and master levels are currently the same, perhaps we could add all big chords and modified scales at master…

    The blues and conspirian scales didn’t make it either.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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