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Thanks, Dan – you sure work quick! :<)

Let me play around strumming and humming, and get back to you. I can see the case for playing in A given my limited vocal range, but I’ll have a better grasp of that when I meet my vocal teacher. Just trying it on for size, it seems like a good fit.

My last guitar teacher, whom you’ve probably heard of, is a monster finger-picker. And during my time with him, I adopted that style. I go both ways. Without a pick, my right hand is good for strumming, but much less fluid for moving across strings. With a pick, my right hand is equally good at both, and probably better than my left. Does make any sense? So, if I’m going to get some funky single bass notes in there, or some version of his solo, I suspect the pick is the way to go. But it probably depends on the arrangement.

Thanks for this head start.