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An iPod ad sync launched Feist’s career!

As a daughter of an abstract expressionist university lecturer, Feist’s artistic path was clearly laid out with interests in dance, painting, film, and music. All these elements come together in the music video for 1234. 

The success of 1234 is largely linked to the song being featured in the Apple iPod nano ad. Before the worldwide reach of the ad, 1234 had moderate success with 2.000 singles per week, the week after the ad came out, sales rose to 19.000.

Feist could on the back of such a synchronization launch her career on a different level.

In 2009, Feist said that she is taking a short break before the next album will be recorded. With over a million copies sold of The Reminder, critics eagerly awaited the follow-up. iPod Nano ad or not, everyone gave Feist’s follow-up a listen.

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D D/C# | Bm G |
One, two, three, four, tell me that you love me more.
D D/C# | Bm G |
Sleepless long nights, that is what my youth was for.

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