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Eagle-Eye Cherry knew what fame was going to be like!

Super-simple Save Tonight was Eagle-Eye Cherry’s first single off his debut album, Desireless, released in 1997.

The tune quickly became an international success, making Eagle-Eye famous overnight.

Luckily he had prepared for it as he had been living away from his native Sweden in New York, attending acting classes with Jennifer Aniston, playing drums in bands, and growing up with his already famous sister, Neneh.

Judging by his appearance, perhaps he bumped into Lenny Kravitz whilst frequenting Manhattan’s nightlife, but I’m guessing here.

Anyway, the acting skills he picked up in class with Jennifer are evident in the music video for Save Tonight, which has him playing a bunch of characters. How much of Save Tonight’s success is down to the video is difficult to say, but it sure helped!

Save Tonight hit the top 10 in 14 countries and sold at least a million copies. In 2022, the video had 110 million views on YouTube and is getting close to half a billion plays on Spotify.

Speaking of 2022, Eagle-Eye is finally back with a new tune in Rising Sun (check the playlist above).

Should you play acoustic guitar in pubs/bars and want a party atmosphere, Save Tonight works well glued together with another Swedish hit, Wake Me Up

They’re almost the same chord progression, just in different keys! I’d be pretty confident putting money on that Avicii used Eagle-Eye’s hit as a reference track when he wrote Wake Me Up, just adding a capo on fret 2!

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Save Tonight

Save Tonight chords

You can learn how to play Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, and the original recording.

Am F | C G5 | Am F | C G5 |
Go on and close, the curtains, ’cause all we need, is candlelight…

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