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Duffy’s debut album was top 10 in 23 countries!

After an EP in Welsh (Aimee Duffy, 2004), caught the attention of A & M Records, Duffy released her debut album, Rockferry, in 2008.

Critically acclaimed, it contained the worldwide hit Mercy, as well as other great tunes like, Syrup & Honey, Warwick Avenue, and Stepping Stone.

Behind the album were producers and writers Bernard Butler (guitarist in Suede), Steve Booker (producer), Jimmy Hogarth, and Eg White (both songwriters).

A top-ten album in 23 countries, Duffy was an international success. With her path to fame and fortune seemingly laid out, it was to everyone’s surprise when she then in early 2011 announced that she was taking a break.

Almost a decade later, Duffy revealed that the reason for her absence had been a kidnapping with sexual abuse that started on her birthday and lasted four weeks. The perpetrator was never named or charged.

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Mercy chords

You can learn how to play Mercy by Duffy using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, and the original recording.

G5 (D F) | G5 (D F) | G5 (D F) | G5 (D F) |
I love you, but I gotta stay true…

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