You can learn how to play Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc!

Dreadlock Holiday is single from 70s Prog/Rock/Poppers 10cc.

The song has been adapted into a one acoustic guitar arrangement by using a capo on fret three.

This way you can play as if in Em, using open strings and chords in combination with bass lines. This is all well and good until the key goes up a semitone!

Chords (capo fret three)


| Em Bm7 | Am7 | x2
| Em | Am Am7 | x4


| Em | Am | repeat
| Em Bm7 | Am | x2


| Em D | C Bm7 | Am Bm7 | C D | x2

Chorus tag

| G | x4
| Em Bm7 | Am Am7 | x2

Verse/bridge and outro after key change

| Em Bm7 | Am7 Bm7 | repeat

Chords (without a capo)

The advantage of having a capo is that, using the chords above, you can adjust the capo up or down the neck to find what key suits your singer.

Dealing with key changes a semitone up in the middle of a song is always going to be awkward for a guitarist. The Glider Capo might be the only real practical solution to this problem.

Without a capo, the chords are from the key of Gm. If you choose to play it like this, you will need to barre most chords.


| Gm Dm7 | Cm7 | x2
| Gm | Cm Cm7 | x4


| Gm | Cm Cm7 | repeat


| Gm Dm7 | Cm7 Dm7 | x2
| Gm Dm7 | Cm7 |


| Gm F | Eb Dm7 | Cm Dm7 | Eb F | x2

Chorus tag

| Bb | x4
| Gm | Cm7 | x2

Verse/bridge after key change

| G#m | C#m7 | repeat
| G#m F# | E | x2

Chorus after key change

| G#m F# | E D#m7 | C#m D#m7 | E F# | x2

Chorus tag after key change

| B | x4

Verse/bridge and outro after key change

| G#m D#m7 | C#m7 D#m7 | repeat

Capo or no capo, if you understand a chord progression as roman numerals, you can create licks and build your own guitar parts using suitable scale and chord shapes.

As I was building the intermediate acoustic course, I discovered a few mistakes among my chords in the video above.

By taking a closer look at the song, transcribing the original bass line, I ended up with a much better way to play this song on one acoustic guitar. All will be revealed in step 8!

Dreadlock Holiday – Guitar Lessons

You can learn how to play Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc!

Step 1 (Intro, verse and bridge)Step 2 (Chorus, tag and instrumental)Step 3 (key change)Step 4 (Complete song)Step 5 (2nd guitar, CAGED)Step 6 (2nd guitar, chorus, tag and instrumental)Step 7 (2nd guitar, key change)Step 8 (2nd guitar, play along + bonus part).

Dreadlock Holiday – Lyrics

I was walking down the street,
concentrating on truckin’ right.
I heard a dark voice beside of me,
and I looked round in a state of fright.

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10cc – Biography

With influences such as the late Beatles and Frank Zappa, 10cc was not your average middle of the road band.

Similarly to Supertramp, 10cc was prog/rock/pop with long instrumental sections and many styles mixed. Hits include Dreadlock Holiday and I’m Not In Love.

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