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From boyband to actual band!

Behind Cake By The Ocean, we find DNCE, a band that was formed by members of the live band behind Jonas Brothers, a teenage boyband launched through the Disney channel.

On lead vocals, we have Joe Jonas who started out with his brothers at the tender age of 15.

Their first single did extremely well, the world perhaps thought we had another successful boy band breakout, like that of Justin Timberlake leaving NSYNC, although, for the former Jonas Brothers singer, this was a band.

The debut single dropped in September 2015, and the self-titled studio album the following year. Unfortunately, the band couldn’t follow up on the initial success of Cake By The Ocean.

Another EP followed in 2018, again, no big tunes came from this effort and in 2019, The Jonas Brothers reunited.

I’ve played Cake By The Ocean in gigs and it works really well, especially if you glue it with Seven Nation Army, another bass line-led tune in the same key.

DNCE | Tunes

Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

Em Bm (Bbm) | Am C (B) |
Oh, no. See you walkin’ ’round like it’s a funeral.
Em Bm (Bbm) | Am C (B) |
Not so serious, girl, why those feet cold?

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