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Merriweather found success through producer Mark Ronson!

Australian Daniel Merriweather first started working with Mark Ronson in 2003, appearing on his Here Comes The Fuzz.

After a few more collaborations with Ronson, they made a solo album for Merriweather which was released in 2009.

Influences such as Stevie Wonder and Jeff Buckley are clear without feeling like a rip-off. Melodic fragments of the two great singers might be found in Merriweather’s songs but this doesn’t disturb the compositions.

Mark Ronson’s production of Love & War might seem like a very full-on arrangement when listening to it for the first time. This may come as a surprise after the simplicity of Amy Winehouse‘s ’06 release Back In Black.

Personally, I feel this brilliantly showcases his depth as a producer, to accommodate the voice of each singer.

Unfortunately, Merriweather hasn’t managed to follow up the promising album with any big tunes, and Red, which I thought was going to be huge, never really caught on.

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And I’m alright, standing in the streetlights here…

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