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Grammy Awards for Best Record, Song, Album, and New Artist in one night!

Christopher Cross’s golden era was between 1979 and 1985 when he released his debut album, and Arthur’s Theme which garnered him 5 Grammy Awards in one night!

The same year he also received an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award.

Cross’s career started to decline when he released his third album Every Turn Of The World in 1985 which didn’t make the top 40.

Since then, Cross has released a few more albums that have gained some critical acclaim and he has managed to stay on the road averaging 100 shows per year.

His three biggest tunes include the aforementioned Arthur’s Theme, but also Sailing and Ride Like The Wind. You’ll find all these in the playlist above.

Yacht Rock

Arthur’s Theme was an attempt to write “the best song in the world” using the pocket symphony approach previously attempted by the Beach Boys, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, The Doobie Brothers, Toto, and singers like Michael McDonald.

Some of the later bands have been categorized as Yacht Rock, a genre Arthur’s Theme has been listed exclusively under on Wikipedia!

The massive production of Arthur’s Theme should be studied by the aspiring producer to find out how to blend a lot of instruments.

Notice how they constantly follow, replace, and double up counter melodies that support the vocal.

Spytunes version asks the question: Does it work on one acoustic guitar?

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Arthur’s Theme

Arthur’s Theme chords

Learn how to play Arthur’s Theme by Christopher Cross/Burt Bacharach using chords, lyrics, and a Spytunes video guitar lesson.

Dm7 G | C Fmaj13 |
Once in your life you find her, someone that turns your heart around…

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