You can learn how to play Can I Get A Witness by Marvin Gaye!

The best thing about learning Can I Get A Witness is that you’ll find all your Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, and Bb chords all over the neck, as CAGED shapes.

To achieve this we must, step by step, work on all our barre chord shapes in each area of the neck.

Instead of doing this like a boring exercise to a metronome, in the course, you learn these chords by learning how to play the chord progression of Can I Get A Witness, in one area at the time.

All exercises are practiced with live band loops, this provides context, a must in order to create authentic guitar parts.


The chord progression is played in the key of Eb and switch quickly between chord stabs, as the bass stays on the root. For example, Eb, Ab, Db, Ab, as the bass stays on Eb.

To avoid writing a million chords, below, I’ve just called this Eb riff and so on.


||: Eb Ab | Db Ab Absus4 Ab :||


| Eb riff x4 | Ab riff x2 | Eb riff x2 |

| Bb | Bb A | Ab riff | Eb riff x2 |

Occasionally, we add an extra Bb and play a Major Pentatonic lick at the end of this progression.

Course preview (Guitar Lesson – Step 2)

In the video above, starting at 2:49, you find a preview of Can I Get A Witness’s guitar lesson, it’s the beginning of step 2 from the course.

In this step we work on playing all chords of the main riff, all over the fret board. You can use the video to play along to all five examples. You can also see the TAB for the first two examples of this below.

In the course, you get all the TAB and a loop to play along with the band. First practice each example in isolation, then start moving freely around the fret board.

To get access to the loop, TAB, and all other lessons you need in order to learn how to play Can I Get A Witness, sign up here.

Can I Get A Witness – Guitar Lessons

The chord changes of Can I Get A Witness are very fast, to play these comfortably, we must practice each section on a loop in every area of the neck.

Only by being this methodical can we play the complete song with the band in the final step.

Go to Can I Get A Witness – Guitar Lessons.

Can I Get A Witness – Lyrics

Ah listen everybody (everybody), especially you girls (especially you girls),
is it right to be left alone by the one you love is never home.
I love too hard, my friends sometimes say,
but I believe, I believe, that a woman should be loved that way.

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Lamont Dozier and brother Eddie and Brian Holland was Motown’s main songwriting team in Motown’s hit factory during the 60s.

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Marvin Gaye – Biography

Marvin Gaye helped to shape the Motown sound as a drummer, session singer, writer, lead singer and producer in the 60’s and 70’s.

Marvin’s hits include I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Can I Get A Witness, and politically fueled What’s Going On.

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