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Blur had a music video directed by Damien Hirst!

Formed in London in 1988 by Damon (vocals), Graham (guitar), Alex (bass), and Dave (drums), Blur released their first albums Leisure (1991) and Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993). 

The albums charted at 7 and 15 in the U.K. but had no successful singles, they did, however, lay the groundwork for what was to come.

In 1994, they released Parklife, with the lead single as well as Girls & Boys, taking the band into the mainstream.

Fuelled by the rivalry between themselves and Oasis, likened to that of Beatles and Stones in the ’60s, it pushed sales of both bands, gave the papers something to argue about, fans to pick a side, and helped the growth of what was dubbed Britpop (Suede, Pulp, and Verve were the other big bands of this movement). 

As a reminder of how big the album was in British culture, in 2010, the cover of Parklife was made into a U.K. stamp.

Next up we saw The Great Escape (1995) which brought the excellent single Country House. The music video was directed by controversial artist Damien Hirst.

In 1997, Blur released their fifth album, simply calling it Blur. This is where we find Song 2. Two years later their sixth album 13 brings us Blur’s last two big singles Tender as well as Coffee & TV.

In 2003 they released Think Tank which was followed by a four-year break, the last album from the band came in 2015, and no tunes on either album lived up to the glory days of the mid to late ’90s.

Post Blur, Damon formed Gorillaz, Graham had a solo career where he played all instruments, Alex joined other bands and Dave became a politician.

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You can learn how to play Parklife by Blur using, chords, lyrics, chord analysis, TAB, and the original recording.

E | E Dmaj7sus2 Asus2 |
Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of…

Song 2

You can learn how to play Song 2 by Blur using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, and the original recording.

F#5 E5 | A5 B5 C#5 | F#5 E5 | A5 B5 C#5 |
I got my head checked, by a jumbo jet…

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