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From skate punk indie rockers to 50 million records sold!

After seven years of independent punk life, Blink-182 signed to MCA and teamed up with Green Day’s producer Jerry Finn to record the enormously successful Enema Of The State.

With a porn star on the front cover and in their very well-known music video, where they’d run around Los Angeles naked, the band’s fun-filled and immature hits took the world by storm.

Championed by MTV around the turn of the millennium, the band was set for worldwide fame, eventually selling 50 million albums.

Even though their second album did well, their biggest tunes came from the debut with singles All The Small Things and What’s My Age Again?

They never managed the same success as they had with Enema Of The State again but have kept releasing albums, breaking up and reuniting ever since.

The band’s latest release came in 2019 and was entitled Nine.

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All The Small Things

C5 | G5 | F5 | G5 |
All the small things, true care, truth brings.
C5 | G5 | F5 | G5 |
I’ll take one lift, your ride, best trip.

All The Small Things chords.

What’s My Age Again?

D#m/B D#m/F# | D#m/C# D#m |
I took her out, it was a Friday night.
D#m/B D#m/F# | D#m/C# D#m |
I wore cologne to get the feeling right.

What’s My Age Again? chords.

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