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As a daughter of an abstract expressionist university lecturer, Feist’s artistic path was clearly laid out with interests in dance, painting, film, and music.

All these elements come together in the music video for 1234.

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Foo Fighters

Being a member of not one but two generation-defining bands, Dave Grohl must be considered our time’s greatest rock star.

Dave started writing what was to become Foo Fighters’ first album already as he was touring with Nirvana.

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Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald released 61 studio albums and 25 live albums between 1936 and 1989. Crowned the First Lady Of Song, she is recognized for performing and recording most of the Great American Songbook.

Before this, she pioneered scat-singing in the 40s as a devoted Bebop singer.

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The Foundations

With two worldwide hits, multi-ethnic The Foundations really were groundbreaking when they came into the limelight in the late 60s.

As a large ensemble that played American-sounding Soul music, they contributed to the cultural bond that was forming between the U.K., and the U.S. in the 60s.

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Four Tops

Joining Motown as one of the first vocal groups, Four Tops stuck together, without changing any members for 44 years.

Best tunes include I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch), Reach Out I’ll Be There, Bernadette, and Ain’t No Woman.

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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. Considered by most critics and peers the greatest singer of all time.

Born in Detroit and looking for a record deal in 1960, Aretha seemed like the perfect match for Berry Gordy’s label Motown. However, Aretha’s father had other ideas.

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The Fratellis

The Fratellis shot to fame in late 2006, and mainly 2007 when they had three successful singles from their debut album Costello Music.

Since their debut, The Fratellis have continued to gather new fans around the UK with their blues-influenced pop songs.

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English rockers Free was formed in 1968, in London by Paul Kossoff, Andy Fraser, Simon Kirke, and Pual Rodgers.

They had two main hits in Wishing Well and the widely known All Right Now, a tune that came to personify the genre of classic rock.

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The Funk Brothers

Motown’s house band didn’t have an official name, only they knew they were the Funk Brothers.

The band played on pretty much everything Motown released until ’72 when they relocated to Los Angeles and the band found a note on the hit factory door.

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Judy Garland

Judy Garland shot to worldwide fame when she sang Over The Rainbow in the 1939 Blockbuster The Wizard of Oz at only sixteen years old.

Amazingly, she had made an astonishing twelve films prior to the release of The Wizard Of Oz.

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Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye helped to shape the Motown sound as a drummer, session singer, writer, lead singer, and producer in the 60s and 70s.

Marvin’s hits include I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Can I Get A Witness, and politically fueled What’s Going On.

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Dizzy Gillespie

Being extremely active, Dizzy Gillespie worked with pretty much every famous player in the business, spreading his music worldwide.

His influence worldwide got so great he ended up earning the nickname the Ambassador of Jazz.

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David Gilmour

David Gilmour is an English musician, best known as the lead guitarist, primary singer, and one of the main songwriters in the band Pink Floyd.

Known for his melodic ability and fantastic tone, David Gilmour has always been considered one of the truly great British guitar players.

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Berry Gordy

Berry Gordy is the man behind the hit factory that was Motown. The idea behind the label came from working in a car factory.

Housing the label, the studio, and a house band all in the same building proved to be a masterstroke as Berry set out to discover the greatest superstars of our time.

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David Gray

David Gray is an English singer-songwriter. After many years of struggling with unsuccessful releases on different labels, he ended up recording the album White Ladder in his bedroom.

Since the release of White Ladder, David has toured the world.

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Al Green

Al Green is an American gospel and soul singer who has enjoyed great popularity since the early 70s.

Among his hits, you’ll find Let’s Stay Together and Take Me To The River as well as covers of A Change Is Gonna Come, Unchained Melody, Light My Fire, and My Girl.

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Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo became world famous after teaming up with Danger Mouse to release Crazy in 2010 under the name Gnarles Barkley.

Following the success, he got a song from Bruno Mars called Forget You which came with a genius marketing campaign.

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Peter Green

As the co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green had hits with the early version of the band playing blues.

These early recordings include Albatross and Need Your Love So Bad. They also covered Elmore James Shake Your Money Maker.

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Green Day

Green Day Biography

Green Day’s third album, Dookie (94), took the band to superstardom. With fifteen million copies sold, they became everyone’s favorite punk trio.

After a few more albums, Green Day released American Idiot (04). This firmly established them as one of the best-known bands in the world.

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Ben Harper

Ben Harper is an American roots musician who stretched his appeal around the globe by recording covers of Sexual Healing and The Drugs Don’t Work.

Harper’s first album, Welcome To The Cruel World (94), was followed by Fight For Your Mind only a year later.

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Billie Holiday

As the first female jazz singer to record in the 30s, Billie Holiday is up there with the greats that defined the genre of Jazz.

Her hits include Summertime, Blue Moon, Solitude, Pennies From Heaven, and the controversial Strange Fruit.

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Lamont Dozier and brothers Eddie and Brian Holland were Motown’s main songwriting team in Motown’s hit factory during the 60s.

Their hits are so many and their influence is so great it is a mystery how their names are not more widely known.

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Michael Jackson

The King of Pop became world-famous before he was even a teenager as he signed to Motown with his brothers as The Jackson 5.

After many hits, Michael embarked on a crazy solo career that would see him become as big as Elvis and The Beatles.

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Etta James

Jamesetta had a brutal childhood as the daughter of a 14-year-old mother and an unknown father, she was regularly beaten by foster parents and even her choir leader.

After touring with Little Richard in her teens, she signed with Chess Records, releasing her first single, At Last, only 22 years old.

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Australian rock n’ rollers Jet released Are You Gonna Be My Girl as the first single off their debut album Get Born.

It took a while for the world to catch on but once they did, Jet toured and shared festival stages with the biggest bands in the business for a good decade.

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Norah Jones

Norah Jones released her incredibly successful album Come Away With Me on the legendary label Blue Note at the age of 23.

The album won her 8 Grammy Awards and sold over 20 million copies. No wonder everyone in the business wanted to appear in the follow-up!

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Best know for their worldwide hit Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey started out as a backup band formed by session musicians.

Their biggest hit was written by the keyboard player that joined them before they made their 7th studio album.

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Gary Jules

Gary Jules is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his cover of Mad World by Tears For Fears. It became the UK Christmas number one single in ’03.

Following the worldwide success, Gary Jules kept selling his own CDs on CD Baby as well as the song being released through a label.

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