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Chords in a key

Open position chords in the keys of C and G

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SWS for beginners

Find the key center and all chords with the SWS

Use this application to see what chords belong to which Roman Numeral in a key.

Here at beginner, only the keys of C and G are available. This is partly down to that these are the keys of the songs you learn in the beginner course. Mainly, however, it’s because these are the two keys that use almost only open position chords.

The main goal of the SWS is to see what number each chord gets. By thinking of chords as numbers (Roman Numerals), you lay the foundation for understanding music.

To see all keys, all over the neck as well as the Minor and Major Pentatonic, surrounding each CAGED barre chord shape, go to Intermediate SWS.

Below the application, you’ll find links to lessons that have changed key, using a capo.

Guitar Lessons

Talking About A Revolution – Step 5

Today we’re going to learn how to change key, apply a capo, and create a 2nd guitar part.

To change key from G to C means we’ll also learn new chords.

Go to Talking About A Revolution step 5.

Redemption Song – Step 4

Today we learn how to construct a 2nd guitar part for Redemption Song.

This means you can soon join me and the singer, which is what happens in the final step.

Go to Redemption Song step 4.

Robin Hood – Step 4

Today we create a 2nd guitar part for Robin Hood by changing the key to C and placing a capo on fret 7.

You’ll get TAB and loops for everything to set you up for the final step.

Go to Robin Hood step 4.

One More Cup Of Coffee – Step 4

Today I’ll show you how you can construct a 2nd guitar part for One More Cup Of Coffee.

We’ll do this by switching key from C to G and then placing a capo on fret five.

Go to One More Cup Of Coffee step 4.

The Drugs Don’t Work – Step 4

In this last step, we fit a capo on fret five and work on playing picked and strummed parts as if in the key of G.

This then becomes a more creative 2nd guitar part that you can use when playing along with me and the singer.

Go to The Drugs Don’t Work step 4.

Time Of Your Life – Step 4

The time has come to create a second guitar part for Time Of Your Life.

The easiest way to do this is to use the same pattern but change the key and therefore chord shapes and apply that capo.

Go to Time Of Your Life step 4.

Wonderwall – Step 5

The time has come to create a 2nd guitar part for Wonderwall.

Learn this and you can play with me and the singer, rather than just playing the same thing as me.

Go to Wonderwall step 5.

Rewind – Step 4

In this step, we remove the capo and find a 2nd guitar part using Dsus2 and Gadd9 for the verse.

When you play this along to the video with me and the singer(s), we’ll sound like a band.

Go to Rewind step 4.

Rewind – Step 5

In this final step, we play yet another 2nd guitar part. This time using a capo on fret 5.

After trying each section to the loops, play along with me and the singer(s) again.

Go to Rewind step 5.

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