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One More Cup Of Coffee is a song from Bob Dylan’s fantastic 1976 album Desire.

The song is in Am and uses one modified chord, an E instead of an Em. Using roman numerals this would be a IIIx instead of just a III chord.

This simple change pulls us back towards Am more intensely and is the most common variation around. A classical musician may refer to it as the mediant major.

The original recording has a large live band playing, including a violinist. As we recorded our version, a fellow online musician got in touch, recorded a violin, and sent it over. Back in 1976, they all had to be in the studio, at the same time!

Chord progression

Using a simple falling progression with only one chord modified, the verse of One More Cup Of Coffee goes like this.

| Am | G | F | E |

The chorus is even simpler as it hones in on that IIIx chord.

| F | E | F | E |

Compare by playing an Em instead of an E when you play to hear the difference the variation IIIx makes.

Chord extensions

In my one guitar arrangement, a few different chord shapes and even extensions have crept in. The most obvious change is the Amadd9, a lovely chord with lots of tension played around fret 5-7.

By letting the two top open strings ring (a B and an E) in combination with the m3rd (string three, fret 5) we get a very colourful chord.

The E chord is also turned into an E7 at one point.

Guitar Lessons

Push The BPM Of A Chromatic Exercise

The chromatic exercises are great for developing left and right-hand coordination, improve accuracy and speed.

It’s also a great exercise for warming up, so let’s start with that.

Go to Push the BPM of a chromatic exercise.

One More Cup Of Coffee – Step 1 (Free Preview)

Today we start working on a new song in One More Cup Of Coffee.

Only four chords are used in this song. Instead of feeling at home with chord I, we find our home in chord VI as this song is “in minor”.

Go to One More Cup Of Coffee step 1.

Chromatic Exercise on string pairs

Decide for yourself how you want to practice this concept. Do you play all string pairs before you change the BPM, or just one?

It would be a good idea to play at a tempo where 100% accuracy is achieved as speed is a consequence of accuracy.

Go to Chromatic exercise on string pairs.

One More Cup Of Coffee – Step 2

Today we look at a bunch of chord variations you can use when playing One More Cup Of Coffee.

These are not necessarily what you’d hear on the original recording but put in place to make the arrangement work better on just one guitar.

Go to One More Cup Of Coffee step 2.

The String Skipping Chromatic Exercise

Today we develop last lessons string pair concept for the chromatic exercise by skipping strings, this makes it much harder!

You decide what tempo is right for you. Focus on 100% accuracy.

Go to The string skipping chromatic exercise.

One More Cup Of Coffee – Step 3

Today we play through One More Cup Of Coffee from beginning to end.

Simply play along with me and the singer in the video. You don’t have to use the same extensions or exact rhythms.

Go to One More Cup Of Coffee step 3.

One More Cup Of Coffee – Step 4

Today I’ll show you how you can construct a 2nd guitar part for One More Cup Of Coffee.

We’ll do this by switching key from C to G and then placing a capo on fret five.

Go to One More Cup Of Coffee step 4.

One More Cup Of Coffee – Step 5

In our final study of One More Cup Of Coffee, it’s time for the four of us to sound more like a band.

I’m playing the big chords, you got your 2nd guitar part, Barry is on violin and Miss Al Brown sings.

Go to One More Cup Of Coffee step 5.

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One More Cup Of CoffeeYour breath is sweet, your eyes are like two jewels in the sky
Your back is straight your hair is smooth on the pillow where you lie
But I don’t sense affection, no gratitude or love
Your loyalty is not to me but to the stars above

Go to One More Cup Of Coffee lyrics.

Bob Dylan

bob-dylan-thumbWidely regarded as the most influential artist in popular culture, Bob Dylan has been covered and copied by almost everyone who ever attempted to write a song.

Some might even say he invented modern songwriting.

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Learning how to play guitar is best done through playing and learning from songs.

Not only will learning songs help you with switching between chords and improve your rhythm playing. Songs also hold the key to how music works theoretically.

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Beginner Chord ProgressionWhat do you need to know in order to play real songs?

What exercises should you practice to warm-up and improve your technique? How do you understand and change the key of a song?

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