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Afroman signed a six-album deal with Universal, but then he got high!

The hilarious Afroman sure likes to get high, he is not just known for it but defined by it.

Afroman discovered he was destined for greatness when got kicked out of his Californian school, wrote a song about it, and sold 400 copies to his classmates. “It was as if I was still there” he exclaimed.

In 1998, Afroman moved to Mississippi, formed a band, and released Because I Hot High, on the file-sharing site Napster in 2000.

The song was soon picked up by Howard Stern on his radio show, as well as the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

As if that wasn’t enough success Because I Got High was nominated in 2002 for best rap performance.

All this led to a six-album deal with Universal Records. As no more hit tunes came since, we have to assume this is because Afroman got high, again.

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Because I Got High

Because I Got High chords

You can learn how to play Because I Got High by Afroman using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, TAB, and the original recording.

G5 | C5 |
I was gonna clean my room, until I got high …

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