Aer Amps Review

Aer Amps Review

The ultimate Acoustic tone in the ultimate package?

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AER – Acousticube

Best Tiny Amp

German AER (Audio Electric Research) showcased their initial product at a music fair in Frankfurt already in 1992.

This marked the beginning of the Acousticube that was set to appeal to the boutique market of acoustic players who wanted the best possible amp, in a tiny package.

Since then, AER has grown and produced several cheaper versions of its flagship. They also offer PA systems, bass amps, and even pickup systems.

Acousticube 3

AER’s flagship is according to themselves and the awards it has won the best acoustic amp money can buy, how much money you ask? $3k.

So what do you get for over $3k that measures less than 40 cm each side and weighs 13kg (28lbs)?

Small package, big sound, all the routing possibilities you could think of, and a built-in effects system that can be tweaked on your PC via a USB cable!

With the included bag you can literally carry this amp to the gig over your shoulder.

If you ever wanted to take the bus to the gig and still have the ultimate tone, then this is the amp for you. Perhaps you could sell your car and get one?!

Compact 60

With a price that gave AER mass market appeal the Compact 60 is an incredible amp for the cash.

A third of the Acousticube’s price tag might still sound like a lot for a tiny little box but try one for yourself and you will be blown away by the huge sound this little box produce.

Were the Acousticube 3 has all the bells and whistles, the compact 60 has bread and butter functions like a simple Reverb rather than computer controlled presets.

Also worth considering is to get 2 and play in stereo or have a fantastic mini PA. You would still have $1k left!

Compact Mobile and Classic

The mobile is a Compact 60 with a built-in battery, enabling the busker to have a crystal clear sound. It’s more expensive than it’s powered version but you might make the difference back from the street crowd appreciating a clear sound.

The Compact Classic is tuned for nylon string guitars. For the same cash as the mobile, you get an amp you most likely never will trade in for anything else.

Should suit classical as well as flamenco players very well indeed.

If you’re still not convinced, here are three more reasons to buy AER:

  1. Tommy Emmanuel uses AER
  2. They offer oak as an option
  3. The case is awesome!

…you off to the shop yet?

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