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Spytunes’ version of Sunshine Of Your Love is a combination of Cream‘s original and Spanky Wilson‘s cover.

Using the main riff as a starting point, the chords have sometimes been extended to a dom7#9.

Spanky’s version uses this and since it is Jimi Hendrix’s signature chord, and Jack Bruce wrote this tune on the back of an early Hendrix gig in London, I thought I’d keep that in.

As you watch me play the song, can you see how the riff uses the Blues scale (a Minor Pentatonic, with an added b5)?

Variations on a 12 Bar

Sunshine Of Your Love is a great example of a tune that can be easily jammed with a band.

Rather than the traditional ‘V to IV’ movement of your average 12 bar blues, Sunshine Of Your Love stays on the V chord much longer than usual before it returns to chord I. As we stay on this A chord, we also get a C and G for extra tension.

To keep the arrangement interesting and build tension, the shapes are varied by simply finding different shapes.

This type of approach is more likely to keep a song alive compared with using muscle memory and strict parts. It also makes it more fun to jam with friends.

Perhaps most importantly, if you always play like this, writing parts becomes more natural.

Chord Progression

At first glance, you may think this is just a 12 bar Blues on repeat. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll see how the turnaround varies in length.

Here’s a simple bars and beats chart with the chord progression. Instead of D and G, over two bars, play the minor blues scale riff.


||: D | D :|| x4


| D | D | D | D | D | D | D | D |

| G | G | G | G | D | D | D | D |

Turnaround 1

| A | C G | x3

| A | A | D | D |

Turnaround 2

| A | C G | x3

| A | A7 |

Turnaround 3 (solo)

| A | C G | x3

| A | A7 | D | D | D | D |

Turnaround 4 (end)

| A | C G | x5

| A | A7 | A7 | A7 |

| D | D |


Eric Clapton‘s solo on the original is fantastic. Using huge bends, he manipulates the minor and major thirds, as well as the bluesy b5 better than most.

In the mid-60s when this was recorded, he’d been pronounced a God in his native England. Nobody could believe their eyes as he played lightning-fast blues solo’s to the adoring fans of the London live scene.

Eric’s secret was that he swapped his 3rd string for one that was plain, just like the E and B naturally are. This gave him less tension and the possibility to bend further.

As we learn this on the acoustic guitar, we can’t play the bends as our acoustic strings are still too heavy.

To solve this, the solo has been moved down the neck and instead of massive bends, we switch frets. Somebody should have pointed this out to Eric at the time…

In the course, four steps are spent on achieving this by starting slowly and nailing every single note until it sounds like Clapton played it.

Guitar Lessons

Sunshine Of Your Love – Step 1 (Free Preview)

Before we can start playing Sunshine Of Your Love, we have to ensure we can play the minor blues scale in Dm and Gm.

We do this as the riff is based on this very scale. First, we play the scale, then the riff.

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love step 1.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Step 2

Let’s find 10 ways to play this riff all over the neck in D and G.

By adding more notes to fatten it up and expression techniques like slides and bends, we can make this sound more or less bluesy.

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love step 2.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Step 3

By borrowing a dom7#9 from Spanky Wilson’s cover version, we can further expand on the main riff.

We also work on how to play the turnaround in a few ways.

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love step 3.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Step 4

In this step, we play the complete song with a singer. There is a 4 page, complete TAB transcription available.

However, it would be a better idea to look at the fret board and find the riff in an improvised way, than to focus on the TAB.

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love step 4.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Step 5

It’s time to summon the spirit of Eric Clapton and play his solo in eleven individual licks.

Our mental coach is Mr. Miyagi who will assist us with the wax on, wax off slow-motion learning technique. You can do this!

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love step 5.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Step 6

The tempo is now fast enough so we can add a rhythm guitar and play longer phrases from the solo.

If you have prepared well, playing these five examples will be possible.

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love step 6.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Step 7

You’re almost there when you completed this step as we now play the solo in its entirety.

First in two halves at 96 BPM, then the full solo at 108.

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love step 7.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Step 8

In this final step, you play with me and the singer again, although now you play the solo.

For a 2nd rhythm guitar part, don’t play the riff in the same area as me and keep changing it!

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love step 8.

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Sunshine Of Your LoveIt’s getting near dawn
When lights close their tired eyes
I’ll soon be with you my love
To give you my dawn surprise
I’ll be with you darling soon

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cream-thumbCream was a 60s British super group that Eric Clapton formed after his time with John Mayhall and The Bluesbreakers.

Creams sound could be described as a hybrid of blues, pop, and psychedelic rock. Their hits include Crossroads, Sunshine Of Your Love, Strange Brew, and White Room.

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Eric Clapton

eric-clapton-thumbAs well as being in bands like Derek & The Dominos, The Yardbirds and Cream, Clapton has successfully played sessions for more stars than any other guitar player ever lived.

Clapton’s long career has earned him not one, not two but three inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame (as a solo artist with Yardbirds and Cream).

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Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald released 61 studio albums and 25 live albums between 1936 and 1989. Crowned the First Lady Of Song, she is recognized for performing and recording most of the Great American Songbook.

Before the Songbook recordings, Ella pioneered scat-singing in the 40s as a devoted Bebop singer.

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Spanky Wilson

spanky-wilson-thumbSpanky Wilson is an American vocalist best known for her version of Sunshine Of Your Love, by Cream.

Wilson has shared the stage alongside many Soul and Jazz legends, including Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jr., Jimmy McGriff, and Jimmy Smith.

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